SWOT Analysis Template

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SWOT analysis which is commonly called as SWOT matrix plays a crucial role in the planning phase of any business.  SWOT analysis is really useful tool for the entrepreneurs that help them to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are involved in the business being undertaken by them.

SWOT analysis can be represented in the form of 2 ×2 matrix with 4 elements (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) that affect the business on which the SWOT analysis is conducted. The strengths and weaknesses are considered as the internal factors that you or your organizations possess where as the opportunities and threats are considered as the external factors from the external environment, opponents and the competitors in the business.

Before starting any business, one should know the favorable factors and unfavorable factors that affect the objective of your business. By using this SWOT matrix it becomes an easy task to know the favorable and unfavorable factors. The strengths and opportunities are the favorable factors that make you an advantage in achieving your objective. The weaknesses and threats are unfavorable factors which oppose you in achieving your objective.

Briefly the four elements can be described as follows.

Strengths – These are the positive characteristics of your own business that are helpful in attaining the objective.

Weaknesses – These are the negative characteristics that you possess and which may become an obstacle in your business.

Opportunities – These are the chances provided by external world that favor your business.

Threats – These are the elements that are liable to cause problems in your business.

By listing out all these elements, one could get clear understanding about the business and can make decisions in the business in any sort of situations. It becomes easy to convert the opportunities to strengths and one can give a try to convert threats and weaknesses to your strengths or if not to that extent, can try to minimize those threats.


How to check PNR status of train by SMS

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Going to travel by train to reach your destination? Got your ticket booked through Indian Railways or IRCTC? Want to know PNR status of your booked ticket? For those who don’t know, PNR is 10-digit unique code to check the status of booked ticket anytime you want to. Indian Railway provides various ways to let the passengers check the PNR status of train. The simplest and most convenient one is through SMS. Almost every person in India has access to the SMS service, so its best and cheap at the same time.

If you want to check PNR status of train by SMS, then just go through the below written article.

Checking PNR status of train by SMS

You don’t need to be techie to know how to check PNR status of train by SMS. All you need to do is to send the PNR 10-digit code to any of the below listed mobile numbers. In case of printed ticket, the unique codes lies on the top left of ticket. And in case of electronic ticket, the code lies on the top right of the ticket. Get it. Now SMS your PNR number to any of the following numbers.

  •  SMS: PNR <PNR Number> to 139 / 54959 / 5676747 / 57886.

As soon the message gets delivered, you will get the PNR status of train on your mobile via SMS. Pretty simple way to go for, is not it?

How to Create Birthday SMS In Hindi From Android Phone

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Birthday of someone loving coming near and you want to make it special for him/her by sending a cute Happy Birthday SMS? Not creative enough to have your own impressive birthday wish messages? Don’t worry. Just use the Happy Birthday SMS created by some genius creative minds. Get a collection of huge number of Birthday SMS in your Android by using the apps listed below.

Hindi SMS Colelction

You want to wish Happy Birthday to your friend in Hindi and want to be impressive at the same time? Then you must use this app which has got a huge number of SMS related to almost 75 categories. Just go through the SMS messages listed under the Birthday category, select the SMS that you like the most and send it right away to the intended recipient. You can surely bring a smile on the face of birthday person by sending cute and impressive Happy Birthday SMS in Hindi.

All in One SMS Library

Did not find any good SMS to send to the birthday person? Want a wider range of SMS messages? Then install this app on your Android device and go through the collection of Happy Birthday Hindi SMS that it has got for you. Take your time while going through the messages, select the best one as per your taste, and then send it right away. Be fast, be first among the wishers to get a special feeling.

How to Root Sony Ericsson Xperia Z1

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Got the tech beast Sony Xperia Z1 in your hands and want to root it, so as to become capable to install the desired apps and games on it? You are on the right page, as I’m here to share simple-to-follow rooting guide.

Xpreia Z1


Root your Xperia Z1 device at your own risk. Your device may damage with it, and you will be solely responsible for it.


  • Take backup of data before proceeding with the rooting task.
  • Charge your device before you go with the rooting process.
  • Make sure to enable the USB Debugging mode in your Android device. Without it, you just can’t proceed ahead.

Steps to Root Sony Xperia Z1

  • The Xperia Z1 rooting is done with the help of tool named Vroot. It’s an all-in-one root tool that works with most of Android devices. Just download it and install it on your PC.
  • Connect your Xperia Z1 with PC with the help of USB cable and then open the Vroot application.
  • The language in the Vroot tool is Chinese, so you can’t understand unless you know this language. Just click the available option and this tool will start rooting your Android device.
  • The rooting may take few minutes after which you will get successful message.
  • Unplug your device from computer and start using. Yeah, you are now using the rooted Sony Xpreia Z1 device. If any further help needed, drop the comments below.

Best Gaming Laptops under 1500

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Gaming keeps a person calm and engaged and it is very popular among students and professionals alike. Here we present the top 5 best gaming laptops under 1500 USD if you may like the article written on my blog techmsd.com about BEST GAMING LAPTOPS UNDER 1000 USD.

In this life of hustle bustle, we all need some chilling grounds. A few people prefer to go for travel, while the other utilize their time working from home. There is a substantial number of people who love spending time in front of their laptop playing games. This habit is not only common among the children but the adults also make the best out of it.

MSI G Series GT60

MSI is known to be producing laptops that are not only snazzy but versatile when it comes to their performance. Many people buy MSI laptops in order to enhance their gaming experience too. It is certainly one of the best gaming laptops under 1500 USD. With this price, the laptop offers way more than an ordinary gaming laptop. It is typically made for making the gaming experience of the user magnificent and unforgettable. The screen size and the resolution density make graphics of the laptop even better.

Toshiba Qosmio X75-A7170

Best Gaming Laptops under 1500

It comes with a screen size of 17.3 inches and calls for excellence. The gaming experience of Toshiba laptops has always been over the top and this variant of the company has not disappointed either. The graphics and clarity in the laptop makes the virtual games look so real. The company wanted to meet gaming requirements of the users while making the laptop. This thought would have been there while making the laptop.